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Company Culture

One integration: Adhere to the integration of the party and the enterprise, thoroughly understand the party's principles and policies, and transform the party's political advantages into opportunities for enterprise development.


Second training: Adhere to the two-way training of party members and talents, strengthen organizational construction, and transform the party's political advantages into the enterprise's talent advantages.


Three leading: Adhere to the party building "lead the corporate culture, lead the construction of a harmonious enterprise, lead the fulfillment of social responsibilities", and transform the party's political advantages into cohesive advantages.


Paying taxes: Adhere to paying taxes according to the law, and continue to maintain the "A-level tax credit rating". The accumulated tax payment exceeds 100 million yuan, and the average annual tax payment is about 10 million yuan.


Poverty alleviation: Adhere to public welfare poverty alleviation, and successively donated more than 500,000 yuan directly and more than 1,000,000 yuan indirectly through social welfare organizations such as Dalian Red Cross Society and Dalian Charity Federation.


Helping the disabled: We insist on employing disabled workers, always maintaining more than 25% of the total number, and solving employment problems for more than 300 disabled people. It has been awarded the title of "Advanced Unit of Welfare Enterprise of Dalian Disabled Persons' Federation", "Demonstration Base for Employment of Disabled Persons in Dalian", and "Advanced Collective of Helping and Helping the Disabled in Dalian".


Waste gas treatment: The company invested millions to purchase VOCs waste gas treatment equipment, with a purification efficiency of more than 90%. The net emission is lower than 30% of the standard in the "Liaoning Printing Industry Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standard (DB21/3161-2019)", becoming the first company in the industry to purchase professional VOCs treatment environmental equipment in Dalian.


Wastewater and waste treatment: The waste water and waste in the company's production and operation are subject to the "zero direct discharge" standard, all of which are collected through professional storage equipment and transferred to a third-party waste treatment company for treatment. The annual investment in waste treatment costs 200,000 yuan.