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《Lean Production Management》 special training report


      On March 30, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology organized the first online training on lean management. Group General Manager Yang Sixia, Deputy General Manager Yang Shifa, Deputy General Manager Lin Shangying and heads of various departments participated in the training.

      This training invites Mr. Li Ruiming and Mr. Shao Zhonghua to explain the digital transition of manufacturing enterprises and how business operators can promote lean management, share typical cases and experiences, and conduct interactive exchanges in a timely manner. What impressed me was that the teacher explained in detail "a typical intelligent manufacturing benchmark factory architecture blueprint" from 1 blueprint, 6 dimensions, 24 main processes, and more than 40 subdivision processes.

      After the meeting, General Manager Yang Sixia emphasized that the implementation of lean management is a strategic plan for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and promote high-quality development. Lean management is the cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing, the inevitable process of enterprise product innovation and evolution, and the key to enterprise self-improvement and breakthrough innovation. We must firmly grasp and realize the integrated development of lean management and intelligent manufacturing in our work.