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Hao Hongjun, chairman of the CPPCC, came to our company to inspect the development of the company

        A few days ago, Hao Hongjun, chairman of the Dalian Political Consultative Conference, visited Jianfeng Technology Group for research, visited members, and learned about the development of the company in detail. Chairman Hao Hongjun and his party, accompanied by General Manager Yang Sixia, visited the corporate culture exhibition hall and production workshop on the spot to learn about the production and operation, digital transformation and social responsibility of the company.




       At the symposium, Chairman Hao Hongjun fully affirmed the development achievements of the company and the performance of the committee member Yang Sixia. He said: The CPPCC will, as always, care for and support the units where members work, further build a "connecting heart bridge" between enterprises and the government, and be a "waiter" for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. At the same time, high hopes are placed on the development of the enterprise, and it is hoped that the unit where the committee member works will play a leading role in development and contribute wisdom and strength to the city's "trillion GDP in three years".