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Dalian Jianfeng Printing Industry Co., Ltd. is listed on the "2022 China Label Printing Industry Top 50 Brand Influence" list


       On March 04, 2022, the award ceremony of "Prixie Night • 2022 Top 50 Influential Brands in China's Label Printing Industry" was grandly held in Guangzhou. At the same time, the conference released the "2022 Top 50 Influential Brands in China's Label Printing Industry" Enterprise Honor List one. Dalian Jianfeng Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jianfeng Technology Group, was listed on the top 50 list with a comprehensive score of 147.58 in terms of operating data, strength auxiliary materials, and network influence.



       In the past 2021, under the multiple pressures and changes in the new market environment-consumption upgrade, technological innovation, the impact of the epidemic, and the wave of Internet flattening, Dalian Jianfeng Printing Co., Ltd. continued to reshape its brand and enrich its capabilities. , so as to break through the siege and continue to lead.



      The company has successfully entered the top 50 list, which has played an important role in promoting the company to realize the branding and large-scale development of the label printing industry, enhancing the brand competitiveness and enhancing the added value of products.