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The results of Jianfeng Union's praise activity

       The company's public account collection activity organized by the company on March 12 ended at 13:00 on the 14th. Thank you for your active participation. The event received enthusiastic response, and the company's official account was widely publicized. More than 200 people participated in this event, of which 23 people collected more than 50 likes. The company held a lucky draw at 15:00 on the 14th, and the list of winners is now announced as follows:

The top three likes:

First prize: Zhao 246 likes

Second prize: Yu Yanfeng 166 likes 

Third prize: Xiao Cuirong 156 likes

Participation Award winners: Wang Yanfeng, Qiu Jinhua, Kuang Yalin, Cheng Fangfang, Sun Yidong, Wu Yunping, Wang Dongyun, Zhao Shuxin, Liu Xuemei (printer), Dong Shixian.


Dalian Jianfeng Printing Co., Ltd. Trade Union

March 15, 2022